Drain and Gully Cleaning Grab


The Drain and Gully Cleaning Grab is a solid metal manufactured tool featuring a spherical grabbing bowl, designed for the effective, safe and hygienic removal of soiled waste and foreign objects from gullies, boundary traps, pits and shafts.


  • Spherical grabbing bowl
  • Safe removal of foreign objects such as syringes
  • Hygienic removal of soiled waste
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Simple one man operation
  • Solid metal manufacturing


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03-44-018Cleaning grab 1.5m length x 80mm bowl$0.00
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03-44-020Cleaning grab 1.0m length x 80mm bowl $0.00
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03-44-014Cleaning grab 2.0m length x 200mm bowl$0.00
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