Heavy Duty A Frame Hydraulic Squeeze Tool 160-250mm


The Heavy Duty A Frame Hydraulic Squeeze Tool 250mm is designed for flow control or temporary closure of large size pipes. Generating a force of 25 tonnes the hydraulic jack will close PE pipes of any standard wall thickness within the size range.

Permanent pipe damage is prevented by correct use of buffer stop plates. When under squeeze conditions, screwing down the lock pins will prevent any loss of squeeze caused by a reduction in hydraulic pressure. Spare sets of buffer stop plates are also available for use on a range of pipe sizes.


  • Pipe range 160-250mm Ø
  • 25 tonne lightweight jack
  • Single unit operation
  • Buffer stop plates to prevent pipe damage
  • Safety check screws and bars
  • Anti-roll pins and double bottom squeeze bar
  • Robust construction
  • Simple and easy to use
Pipe Size Range160-250mm Ø
Dimensions [HxWxL]930 x 660 x 240mm
MaterialMild steel EN3A, chrome plated tube
FinishPowder coating / Zinc coating to steel parts
Hydraulic Powered Jack25 tonne
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
02-31-701160, 180, 200, 225, 250mm Ø SDR11/17 squeeze tool, with jack$3,903.10
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02-31-702160, 180, 200, 225, 250mm Ø SDR11/17/26 squeeze tool, with jack$0.00
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02-31-710Spare jack handle, with M8 socket key$122.21
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02-31-714Spare buffer stop plate 160-250mm Ø SDR17 (1 piece)$121.35
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02-31-715Spare buffer stop plate 160-250mm Ø SDR11 (1 piece)$76.80
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02-31-716Spare leak check lock pin with plastic clip (1 piece)$47.76
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02-31-717Spare M20 safety screwed long thread (1 piece)$0.00
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02-31-718Spare 25 tonne jack control valve$0.00
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02-31-720Spare jack safety lock collar$0.00
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02-31-722Spare 25 tonne hydraulic jack pre drilled$2,283.00
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02-31-723Spare external retractor spring (1 piece)$20.93
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02-31-724Spare frame loop leg with lifting handle$0.00
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  • 02-31-714 : Spare buffer stop plate 160-250mm Ø SDR17 (1 piece)
  • 02-31-715 : Spare buffer stop plate 160-250mm Ø SDR11 (1 piece)