Calderline AU In-line Scraping Tool


The Calderline AU is designed for in-line scraping is designed for branch saddles. The tool is made from machined aluminium for durability and long service life. It is easy to use and provides 100% scraped area.


  • Pipe range 40-225mm Ø
  • Designed for in-line and saddle installations
  • Easy to use
  • Made from machined aluminium
  • Long service life
Pipe Size Range40-225mm Ø
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
01-18-202 AU40mm Ø in-line scraping tool$566.71
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01-18-205 AU63mm Ø in-line scraping tool$616.71
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01-18-210 AU110mm Ø in-line scraping tool$807.68
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01-18-211 AU125mm Ø in-line scraping tool$841.02
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01-18-212 AU160mm Ø in-line scraping tool$891.02
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01-18-213 AU180mm Ø in-line scraping tool$1,006.82
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01-18-214 AU200mm Ø in-line scraping tool$1,056.82
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01-18-215 AU225mm Ø in-line scraping tool$1,106.82
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01-18-208Spare Calderline scraping tip$69.79
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  • 01-18-208  :  Spare Calderline scraping tip