Virax Guillotine Cutter


The Virax Guillotine Cutters are designed to cut through HDPE pipe up to 315mm. A hinged V shape jaw allows the cutter to positioned anywhere on existing pipes.

The quadruple ground stainless steel blade provides an accurate square cut for Electrofusion welding and minimal facing for Butt Fusion welding. A square drive feature allows the cutter to be used with a wrench and extension when working in narrow trenches.


  • Pipe range 63-315mm Ø
  • Long life stainless steel blade
  • Accurate square cut
  • Fast opening
  • Environmentally friendly
Pipe Size Range63-315mm Ø
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
04-61-207125mm Ø guillotine pipe cutter$1,247.33
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04-61-210225mm Ø guillotine pipe cutter$2,295.31
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04-61-211315mm Ø guillotine pipe cutter$7,091.62
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04-61-208Spare guillotine blade 125mm Ø$527.12
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04-61-209Spare guillotine blade 225mm Ø$1,036.06
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04-61-213Spare guillotine blade 315mm Ø$1,999.45
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  • 04-61-208 : Spare guillotine blade 125mm Ø
  • 04-61-209 : Spare guillotine blade 225mm Ø
  • 04-61-213 : Spare guillotine blade 315mm Ø