Strap Clamp 200


The Strap Clamp 200 is a lightweight, fast set up clamp that will hold HDPE pipe securely during the weld process for pipe sizes up to 200mm. Featuring a robust construction with a compact design and available in single and double clamp format.


  • Pipe range 40-200mm Ø
  • Quick to install and easy to use
  • Available in single or double clamp format (2 clamps on each side)
  • Angle maker bar for 22.5°, 45° and 90° elbows available
  • Fast acting “tug and tension” straps
  • No liners required
Pipe Size Range40-200mm Ø
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
SC200-2-S40-200mm Ø single clamp, straight base$354.61
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SC200-2-S-440-200mm Ø double clamp, straight base$641.64
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SC200-2-K40-200mm Ø single clamp, angle maker$601.11
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SC200-2-K-440-200mm Ø double clamp, angle maker$908.76
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SC200ADTTee branch leg adapter 40mm diamond$122.13
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3498940-200mm Ø additional clamp assembly$158.28
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  • SC200ADT : Tee branch leg adapter 40mm diamond
  • 34989 : 40-200mm Ø additional clamp assembly