Split Collar Re-Rounding Clamp


The Split Collar Re-Rounding Clamp is a strong, lightweight and easy to use tool for removing ovality in plastic pipes before the welding process. The tool is made from cast aluminium and comes complete with two locking handles to help move the tool around the pipe.


  • Pipe range 200-250mm Ø
  • Robust design
  • Comes with ratchet spanner
  • Locking handles for correct positioning
  • Lightweight
Pipe Size Range200-250mm Ø
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01-08-014200mm Ø re-rounding clamp w/ ratchet spanner$386.97
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01-08-015225mm Ø re-rounding clamp w/ ratchet spanner$425.40
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01-08-016250mm Ø re-rounding clamp w/ ratchet spanner $491.15
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