Test Pipe Stoppers PU


The Test Pipe Stoppers PU are effective tools for the quick and reliable sealing or closing of drainage systems, pipelines, sewers and gullies. They are mainly used during repair, maintenance work, accidents, and for leak testing for water or air as per DIN EN 1610 Construction and testing of drains and sewers. Pipe Stoppers are highly valued in the water and construction industries, civil engineering and rescue and fire brigades.

  • Made of quality rubber reinforced with fabric
  • Weather resistant, temperatures from -30 °C to 80 °C
  • Resistant to waste water and mild chemicals
  • Tested by 1.3 times operating pressure
  • Back pressure of 0.5 bar
  • Short operating instruction on every pipe stopper
Pipe Size Range70-1200mm Ø
Operating Pressure1.5 bar
Test Pressure2 bar
*Download Product Sheet for Full Specifications
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
A23-1201PU 7/15 - 70-150mm Ø 1.5 bar$499.73
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A23-1202PU 10/20 - 100-200mm Ø 1.5 bar$683.08
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A23-1203PU 20/50 - 200-500mm Ø 1.5 bar$1,190.22
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A23-1204PU 50/80 - 500-800mm Ø 1.5 bar$2,457.92
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A23-1205PU 50/120 - 500-1200mm Ø 1.5 bar$2,815.26
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