Short Bypass Pipe Stoppers PUK


The Short Bypass Pipe Stoppers PUK are effective tools especially suitable for leak tests and sealing of house connections due to their length when a higher rate of flow is required. The diameter of the standard product line ranges from 50 to 400mm.

  • Made of quality rubber
  • Stainless Steel metal parts
  • Compact size
  • Resistant to waste water
  • Tested by 1.3 times operating pressure
  • Back pressure of 0.5 bar
  • Short operating instruction on every pipe stopper
Pipe Size Range50-400mm Ø
Operating Pressure2.5 bar
Test Pressure3.3 bar
*Download Product Sheet for Full Specifications
CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
A23-1415PUK 5/7 - 50-70mm Ø 2.5 bar$238.88
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A23-1405PUK 7/10 - 70-100mm Ø 2.5 bar$261.09
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A23-1408PUK 10/15 - 100-150mm Ø 2.5 bar$287.00
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A23-1417PUK 11/17 - 110-170mm Ø 2.5 bar$314.64
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A23-1412PUK 15/20 - 150-200mm Ø 2.5 bar$344.26
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A23-1413PUK 20/25 - 200-250mm Ø 2.5 bar$444.20
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A23-1414PUK 25/30 - 250-300mm Ø 2.5 bar$621.88
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A23-1420PUK 30/40 - 300-400mm Ø 2.5 bar$714.43
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