Continuity Links


Continuity Links provide a temporary continuity to earth when disconnecting or connecting gas pipes and are available in different lengths and end styles.


  • High voltage tested
  • 10mm tri-rated cable
  • Available in different lengths
  • Chain ends and crocodile clips options
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05-15-0051.0m continuity link for water meter installations$0.00
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05-15-0021.0m continuity link, with crocodile clips$59.07
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05-15-0011.2m continuity link, with end chains$0.00
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05-15-0061.2m continuity link, with 48" end chains$0.00
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05-15-0037.5m continuity link, with end chains$110.38
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05-15-00410.0m continuity link, with end chains$75.10
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05-15-00710.0m continuity link, with crocodile clips$58.00
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