Barcode Scanners


Caldertech offers a range of barcode scanners for their electrofusion welders. Available with USB, PS2 or serial connectors.


  • High quality manufacturing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Different connectors available
  • Light and portable


CodeDescriptionPriceQtyReview Cart
01-01-314Cypher Labs close contact barcode scanner, with USB connector$0.00
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01-01-316Cypher Labs close contact barcode scanner, with PS2 connector$484.31
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01-01-318Close contact barcode scanner, with Buccaneer USB connector$490.79
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01-01-319Close contact barcode scanner, with 4.0m length data lead and serial connector$563.46
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189.01.0220Spare lead cat5 to USB$54.20
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189.01.0221Spare lead cat5 to PS2$0.00
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01-01-311Pouch for scanner$43.05
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  • 189.01.0220 : Spare lead cat5 to USB
  • 189.01.0221 : Spare lead cat5 to PS2
  • 01-01-311 : Pouch for scanner