External Debeader 1200mm


Caldertech’s External Debeader 1200mm is a high quality tool designed for the removal of external beads formed as a result of the butt fusion welding process, for large HDPE pipe sizes 710-12000mm.

The tool will peel the bead away from the pipe’s surface whether it’s hot or cold, leaving a flush finish and enabling the pipe to be smoothly slip-lined into a larger diameter pipe, as well as a closer inspection of the weld to detect potential defects.


  • Pipe range 710-1200mm Ø
  • Bead width up to 60mm
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Adjustable guides for correct pipe diameter
  • Replaceable blade
Pipe Size Range710-1200mm Ø
Max. Bead Width60mm
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EWBRT60710-1200mm Ø external debeader$2,500.00
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